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Gold Winners
2017 Israel Gold Winner

Over 300 million people around the world experience daily frustration.
They have lost the use of their hands due to disease, injury or paralysis.
This affects their independence, communication and even the way they relax, watch TV or play games.
We give 300 million people back their freedom with Crescent™ - "Independence in a band".
Crescent™ all day, light, wearable that enables unlimited control over a Computer, Tablet & Smartphone, effectively replacing a mouse or finger on a touch-pad.

Silver Winners
2017 Israel Silver Winner

MoonRun is shaping the next generation of aerobic experiences, fusing a portable plug-n-play urban-running device with an endless multimedia platform straight into your living room. MoonRun will be positioned as a new indoor aerobic solution in a $5.8B market, replacing for many the cumbersome, monotonous and expensive treadmills, ellipticals and indoor cycles. We will provide developers with simple tools to further create multimedia, virtual reality and gaming worlds of fitness.

2017 Israel Silver Winner

Clidrotech developed a new system that provides solutions for the $2B/year market of "on board scale solutions"
On board scale solutions are used for many years to help fleet managers to optimize their fleet efficiency and safety.
the existing solutions of "on board scale" use either load cell or strain gauge or air pressure sensors, all these solutions are intrusive.
Our solution is a passive sensor that provides onboard scale at a better durability and accuracy at a much lower cost

2017 Israel Finalist

90% of brain development occurs by age 5; research shows thatthe language children experience by age 5 profoundly impacts their brain development, IQ, self-esteem, and success. Talklet empowers parents to influence their children's brain development by offering parents engaging, brain-building content based on their child’s age and interests; it uses voice recognition and machine learning algorithms to give parents metrics and personalized feedback for understanding and improving their impact.

2017 Israel Finalist

In response to a dramatic rise in safety & security threats around the world, we created a cutting-edge alert and crisis management system that is easy to install, implement and affordable to all.
Schools and public buildings are our first priority, where a mix of smart sensors and software send instant alerts, provide critical communication and management tools to survive or prepare for today's dangers. All at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

2017 Israel Finalist

Valerann is an end-to-end system installed on the road itself. Using different sensors, a unique algorithm, and a communication system tailored to the road’s unique requirements, the system provides real-time information to drivers and road operators. This includes danger recognition, instant accident prevention, optimal traffic flow adjustments, and autonomous cars guidance and support. Valerann system provides all these solutions in one product.

2017 Israel Finalist

Traxx connects the motorcycle to the rider and the rider to his community. Traxx increases safety and security of bike and rider by leveraging the unique social aspects found among riders in different parts of the world.
Traxx automatically detects theft and accidents and takes immediate actions to speed up recovery of riders and bike.